What's Happen', Hula Dancer?

Ever heard of a "happening"?

A Happening was a Thing in the Sixties - and also recently, here in Charlotte.

I'm not entirely sure what happened at happenings that happened in the Sixties (probably lots of sex, drugs, and rock and roll), but here in Charlotte the happening I happened to happen upon had fire-spinners and a live DJ and people hula-hooping and a trampoline and a big possibly-but-I-admit-to-nothing hotboxed bus strung with Chinese-lantern-Christmas-lights.

There was a guy on a balance board and a drunk chap making videos with his cell phone of everything "for his dvd collection."

There were teenagers, a few older folks, endless drum circles and, of course, a whole lot of painting at long tables draped with spattered canvas, where all sorts of people drew, or painted work they'd brought, or came up with something new just-for-fun.

And there was me - smack-dab in the middle of it all with my naked fairy painting, dabbing away and fielding comments about the "energy" therein (it was a burning-man-heavy crowd) - having a good 'ol time.

I went home early, on account of the fact that The Happening that happens in Charlotte is an hour's drive from my house; but not before whipping out the heretofore pictured painting, in which I attempted to capture some of the frenetic energy of the moment with an abstracted portrait of one of the hula hoopers.

Betcha wish you were there. Happenin'.


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