January 9: Photography Expotition

It occurred to me yesterday to go on a photography expotition up the highway. The following photographs are the best I took during that two-hour walk. Enjoy.

This ghost-bike happens to be up a tree in front of my house. How it got there... we'll never know.

I have always felt that given the chance, I, too, could be a horse whisperer.

Ladies and Gentlemen... the future Black Angus Hamburgers of America.

They were kind enough to shuffle right (my right, their left) for a shot with the sign.

To walk a well-trafficked road in this country is to encounter the all-American, God-given right to litter.

Although, why anyone would litter a black wig and a transformer mask is beyond me.

I love this house. Every time I drive by it, it makes me happy.

Everyday, boring-old beef. As you can see, not nearly as friendly as Black Angus Burgers.

An Ent I happened to spot as it was passing by.


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