Facebook Loves You, and Has a Plan for Your Life

These are some of the things Facebook says in the status-update box to get me to open up:

Share what's on your mind
Share how things are going, Josh
How has your day been?
How are you feeling? 
Share what's new, Josh
Share how your day has been
Share how your day has been, Josh
Share how you're doing
Share what's on your mind
How are you feeling, Josh?
Share what's going on
Share how you're feeling, Josh
How are you doing, Josh?
How's it going?
Share how you're doing, Josh
Share how your day has been
How's it going, Josh
How are you doing?
Share how you're feeling
What's happening, Josh?
What have you been up to?

The letters are grey, so my conscious mind flits over them without pausing as I answer the call and bare my world to friends and strangers.

No periods to imply finality. Only an endless, entreating reiteration of the same, basic message: You, Josh, are important. You matter. And we - the silent, ego-bestowing masses, await your endowments. 

Tell, tell, tell, and the world gets smaller and the friends get closer and there, with its arms around us all in an unending, familial group-hug, is Facebook.


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