"It's all retch and no vomit"

"What if money were no object?" the man asks, "what would you do?"

I asked myself this question and started writing movies.

[NOTE: Every few weeks I've been checking back and refurbishing the link, but whomever owns the original keeps taking them down, due to copyright infringement (somebody missed the point of their own video). Ergo: Go to Youtube, search "What if Money Didn't Matter," and watch the latest iteration.]

I especially like the bit in this video about what we're teaching our kids, because that was a big motivating factor in my decision to chase a dream -- I wanted my son to grow up with a father who lives after what he loves.

How about you? Here's a million bucks... What will you do?


  1. Dont you teach also...how do you like that? do you like it? I am a teacher but I cannot say that I love what I do, its tough. aand i have loans to pay off so I kinda need this job haha. I wish I would have not gone to college, worked, maybe take some community college and gone to a cheap school for my degree. I made some great friends and loved my professors but now I dont feel free to pursue what I would love to do because I need to pay up haha. What would you say to me, sometimes I do think im trapped, that I dont have the freedom to choose something I want to do....sorry for ranting.
    Anyway, I appreciate your blog and try to keep up with your posts. I enjoy your writing. peace

  2. Hey, Jorge.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    First, to answer your question, no. I taught for four years, but I don't any more. I loved the teaching, but I don't think I LOVED it. Despite the fact that I loved the students and loved watching them get jazzed up about creating stuff, it was still a JOB for me.

    The writing that I'm doing now is no such animal. I'll get up at six in the morning and work until nine at night, sometimes, and it doesn't ever feel like work. It's hard, most of the time, and I have to force myself to keep at it, but it feels as natural to me as breathing, and it's a fully-joyful experience.

    Still, I'm only able to do this/justify doing this because of two things. First: because for the past three years I've been using almost every scrap of free time I've had to work on becoming the best writer I can, and Second: because I've done a LOT of other jobs that allowed me to save up some money while paying for all my obligations, and gave me the sort of lessons and experiences that I'm now able to funnel into my writing.

    You may be "trapped" for a while doing something that isn't your passion, but my question to you is this: how much do you LOVE the thing you say you LOVE?

    Because to my way of thinking, if you REALLY, REALLY love it, you'll find a way to make it happen. You'll eat a lot of ramen noodles, toss out your smart-phone with its $100 a month bill, spend your free time studying/working at your passion, and forgo anything that keeps you from Climbing your Mountain.

    The greatest expression of love is sacrifice, Jorge.

    All I can say to you as you consider the path is this... It's Totally Worth It! Even if you only ever make it into the foothills, it's worth it. Because you'll have LIVED.

  3. Love this video
    I show it to my students...
    Free live the dream...

    "What would you do...if you were brave?"

    Another great question.

    Live the dream...it ticks off the devil and the religious types!


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