Thirderly Report

As I approach the four-month mark on my first year as a full-time writer/artist, I figured it'd be worthwhile to look back at what I've done so far, so I can set some goals for the future. Since June 2nd, 2012, I have...

... read a hundred-and-eight feature-length film scripts,

...watched around a hundred feature-length films,

...listened to sixteen podcasts from scriptnotes, a podcast about screenwriting and things that are interesting to screenwriters, about five classic novels and a few new ones, to boot,

...made forty-seven poetry submissions to forty-seven different journals, garnering nine rejections (thus far) -- but with two with personal notes (a rarity) saying they liked my work,

...made fifty short story submissions to fifty different journals, garnering four rejections (thus far) and one acceptance,

...written one short film, and two treatments for music videos,

...written one feature-length film, KILLING HARPER, that's currently doing the rounds in Hollywood(ish),

...worked out the structure and written the first draft for my third feature-length film, that I am currently co-writing with Austin Herring,

...worked out the structure on my fourth feature-length film, the first draft of which I'll be starting tomorrow,

...penned eight new poems I'm mostly happy with,

...written two fairly sparkly new short stories,

...and made around ninety posts to this blog.

- - -

Not horrible, all things considered. But given that a lot of these accomplishments involved me playing catch-up with my screen-writing education, I think I can up the actual production of new work for the next four-month period.


As much as I HATE being held accountable for my goals, during the next four-month period, ending February 3rd, I will...

...finish up to final polish my third and fourth feature-length films,

...write at least a second draft of my fifth, as yet to be determined feature-length film,

...start laying out some structure for my sixth feature-length film,

...spend at least a week in Los Angeles, visiting friends and family, and networking with film people.

...write another twenty decent poems,

...make another twenty-five short story submissions, that music theory book I've been ignoring, start-to-finish,

...write at least four more short stories,

...start work learning to play scales using my "fretboard roadmap" ukulele book,

...and make another ninety posts to this blog.

 How will I accomplish all this? I have no idea. Better get started.


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