why immorality still pays

One of my most popular posts is where I said that the movie FIREPROOF is immoral, because the internet loves it when you say libelous things about other things,

Lest you fear that the perpetrators of this movie have been somehow damaged by my debilitating screed, I present to you the website Film Strips, which -- in addition to having piles and piles of spectacular film data -- also shows that, percentage-wise, FIREPROOF is one of the most profitable films ever made.

It had a budget of half a million dollars and grossed 33.45 million, giving it a profit margin of 6,690%... and that despite having a rating on Rotten Tomatoes of 45% -- proving definitively that this website of mine is not a significant market force.

There were a few other highly-profitable, non-fundagelical films in that suckiness-range, so it's safe to conclude that humans in general aren't all that discerning, not just those calling themselves Christians (I would be extremely surprised to hear that many non-club members bought tickets to this film).

Nonetheless... it's embarrassing for someone clinging to the moniker "Christian" whilst still trying to be a legitimate artist.


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