past melodies, men I've kissed

If you're a rabid follower of this blog, you'll know about my association with musician Christopher John (Moerman), of Stabilo fame. In our long acquaintance, Chris has been my sworn enemy at tennis and chess, my musical and artistic collaborator, my friend, and - I'm not ashamed to admit - one of the only men I've ever kissed.*

It was with tears, then, that I left Canada in 2008 and moved indefinitely away from where Chris lives with his wife and ever-growing brood on their two-acre Moermune in Maple Ridge. No more would I revel in the glories of his musical goodness. No more would I have the pleasure of glaring at him across the battlefield of a chess board.

So thank God (and Al Gore, of course) for the internets, because here's a little video he appeared in this morning on my Facebook feed. It's a cover and he's not the featured artist, but I'll take what I can get. Enjoy:

*It was at his wedding, people were tinkling the glasses, the bride was far away... it worked.


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