it's grati-tuesday!

Boyoboyoboy is there a lot to be grateful for, today.

I mean, the easy thing would be to just start listing the things that aren't going on in my life right now -- like starvation, or bamboo under my fingernails, or Montezuma having his way with my intestinal tract. That's not really fair, though, and feels a little bit like I'm gloating in the face of anybody unfortunate enough to be reading this post whilst blood streams out from under their fingernails as they sit interminably on the toilet, wondering where -- given that they haven't eaten in two weeks -- it all keeps coming from.

So instead... things I'm grateful for that are happening in my life:

One: I'm grateful there weren't any poisonous snakes (this time) in my son's tree house when I went up there to ask the sky for a poem. The spiders were a bit annoying, but they got out of the way when I asked nicely. Thanks, arachnid-family!

Two: I'm glad that Thor in his grumbly, thundrous wisdom chose to send me a poem via a lightning strike to the brain. Thanks, hazy knowledge of Greek mythology!

Three: I was grateful to hear the smiling voice of the administrative assistant at my old job today, calling me up to offer to forward me some of my very own mail, so I wouldn't have to wear out the hamsters in my car by driving up there.  Thanks, Administrative Awesomeness!

Four: I was also grateful for the muse who was kind enough to pop in and give me a better name for the script I'm writing. Thanks, mysterious Force-of-Making-Stuff -- a.k.a. The Breath of the Divine!

Five: I am grateful I got to spend time last night with an old friend, watching a movie at the cheap theater for free because the ticket girl gave me a ticket someone else had left behind. Thanks, careless person!

Six: This is a great week to be grateful for stories in general, because stories are the cat's ninja. Yeah, that's right, the Cat's Ninja!


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