why can't everybody just love each other?

Despite my best efforts to the contrary, my son persists in being fascinated by war, guns, and killing.

Aware, as I am, that he is completely unaware of what these things really mean, I try to be chill about the whole thing, so as not to reinforce his attitudes into some sort of eventual, I'm-not-my-father kind of recoil-action.

Yesterday, he and I had a conversation that led me to believe my gentle approach might be getting through.

My Four-Year-Old: What happens to us when we die?
Me: Who... you and me?
My Four-Year-Old: Yes.
Me: (Thinking extremely fast) Well, I don't think anybody knows for sure or can say for sure, but I hope and believe that when we die, God wraps us up in a big hug and says, "I love you."
My Four-Year-Old: No, that's not what happens.
Me: No?
My Four-Year-Old: (shaking head gravely) When I die, God shakes his head and says, "no more fighting wars."


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