it's grati-wednesday!

Okay, so... crap. Somehow I missed gratiTuesday. I had every intention, though, and it's the thought that counts, right? Right???


So, here are some things I'm grateful for on Wednesday. Color me chastened for my lateness, and I'll try not to let it happen again.

One: This week, the cherry tomatoes in my mini-garden (in sum: four tomato plants) are bursting into crimson orbs of squishy goodness that explode in my mouth like little red eyeballs. Thanks, sun-earth-water-plant-God.

Two: I finished the first draft of my second feature-length screenplay, and finishing it up felt easy, peazy, and japaneazy (As long as that isn't racist to say. If it is racist to say "japaneazy," then somebody else said it and I'm just quoting them to point out the plight of Japanese people in our horrendously racist culture). 

So, anyway... thanks, free-time-because-I-got-fired.

Three:  This blog is pretty great. Not what's written on it, necessarily, but rather that I get to write it - to pour out my guts to a bunch of strangers, who sometimes do me the honor of reading my word-arrangements and caring about them. Thanks, internets.


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