it's grati-tuesday!

One: In my dream last night, the imaginary parents of a student I never had came to tell me - with tears in their eyes - how my brilliant teaching had changed their daughter's life forever. Thanks, imaginary parents.

Two: This week I received incontrovertible evidence that I have an amazing girlfriend, when she fried up an entire package of Bacon for us to eat, together, pretty much right out of the pan. Thanks, girlfriend. Thanks, bacon.

Three: My little sister Hannah flew over a large ocean in a metal tube to visit me, and today as a going-away thing, we're going to have a breakfast feast with waffles and a bunch more Bacon. Thanks, little sister Hannah.

Four: My four-year-old son, who also likes Bacon, has thus far shown zero inclination towards becoming an arsonist, a murderer, a politician, or a mime. Thanks, lackadaisical, laissez faire parenting style.

Five:  Life is made of an infinity of un-reproducible moments, made all the more precious for their finiteness, and I am grateful for that. And bacon.

- - -

Note: I have every intention of making grati-tuesday a thing on this blog. If you feel like contributing your gratitudes in the comments, go right ahead. If you've got your own blog, please, do it there and post a link. I'd love to think I'd encouraged others to in some way be consciously grateful.


  1. This is a little overdue, but congratulations on the girlfriend. Dude, I am way happy for you. She is beautiful too (I think she's beautiful – I mean, I think I saw an innocently overly-celebratory post with her picture and link to other pictures, but now I'm not so sure, because I think that post has disappeared into the ether, I don't know, color me delusional), and if she eats bacon, well, wow. In all seriousness, congratulations :-)

    PS Does she have a sister?

  2. Thanks, Mark. Yeah, the overly-celebratory thing got axed to toothpicks and digitally recycled as wood-mulch in the garden of my content. Or something.

    No sisters, sorry :)


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