blogger must die

When I tried to undo some super-annoying auto-formatting, Blogger threw a hissy-fit and deleted an entire post. I'm too urined off to bother re-constructing it, so just know that it was awesome, and your lives will forever be impoverished by the lack of it.

Angry letters may be addressed to "Blogger, c/o The Internets."


  1. The best subtitled film post? I'd love to see a quick list, no need to recreate brilliance. For the record, blogger's done me the same way. Grrr

  2. Yeah. That was the one.

    Hmmm... Let's see if I can remember: FOOTNOTE, AS IT IS IN HEAVEN, TAMBIEN LA LLUVIA, THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES, HEADHUNTERS, OLDBOY, NINE QUEENS, THE AURA. And, while I think of it, AMELIE and PRICELESS, which is also a lovely little rom-com starring Audrey Tautou. There may be others, but I can't think of them just now.

    1. I don't have particularly so-piss-ticated film tastes... which is to say, I'm happy enough just being entertained, with a few truths about the human condition thrown in for good measure.

  3. I'll give you my list presently (if u want), but I've seen and really enjoyed MOTORCYCLE DIARIES, AMELIE, and PRICELESS. I'm not a fan of OLDBOY. AMELIE stands out as fresh & imaginative & fun and probably one of my favouriite romance in a different language. As for the others, thank you for the suggestions.

  4. Oldboy is probably the lowest on that list, for me, on account of the persistent grotesquerie, and the less-than-completely-satisfying ending. But I still enjoyed the inventiveness of the writing.

    List away, fershure!

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    1. Ha ha hah! That's so funny. For the record, I think it's called an "imprint," not a "publishing brand," and there's pretty much no way I'm ever going to pay some vanity press to make a book out of this blog.

      For one, I like trees too much to inflict my random musings on them. And for two, ha haha hahahaha! It is to laugh.

  6. Okay, a list for me requires rules because that's how I think even if it's ad hoc, so I'll stick to contemporary films and my favorites according to genre because that will help me remember them.

    Drama: POETRY (Japanese, 2010)
    Comedy: TAMPOPO (Japanese)
    Romance: AMELIE (French)
    War: SPECIAL FORCES (French, 2011)
    Crime: IRREVERSIBLE (French) and THE PROPHET (French, 2009)
    Canadian (special category ;-): MONSIEUR LAZHAR (French, 2011)
    Action: 13 ASSASSINS (French, 2011)
    Mystery: THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO (Swedish, 2009)
    Horror: AUDITION (Japanese)

    I think you'll like these, except maybe SPECIAL FORCES which I found entertaining but not profound. IRREVERSIBLE carries a warning, it's a heartbreaker. POETRY is also a heartbreaker in a different way. Sorry about some of the dates, just can't remember right now. Good luck.

    1. Thanks, Mark. Always on the lookout for good film recommendations, and of these, I've only seen Tattoo Girl and Amelie.

  7. Watching HEADHUNTERS right now. It's brilliant, I wish I had written it.


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