stop-gap picturation

I've been a bit, er... preoccupied, of late, and haven't given much thought to new blog posts.

I'll probably be explaining the source of my disconnect shortly (not that I feel obliged, mind - you're just the bleedin' internets, after all), but in the interim, here's a couple 'a photomographs I took yesterday outside the portal to my domicile:


  1. I love the textures and the juxtaposition of shapes in the first shot. The second shot is beautifully metaphoric.

  2. Thanks, Mark. That first shot is of a white-washed old oak pillar my dad milled with a chainsaw out of one of the oaks that fell on our property. It holds up the awning over my front door. The flower is a perennial planted years ago, when I was still married. It comes up every year, and every year I wonder at first if its just some weed. Because, in the words of some lyric, "how quickly we forget."


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