Boom Dee Yadda!

I've worked on this drawing in random spare minutes throughout the school year; and finished it (I think) today, on the last day of classes.

As it grew, it began to be inspired by the boom dee yada song on the Discovery Channel, and then by Wendell Berry; who reminded me that God loves the WHOLE FRICKIN' WORLD and thinks it's just awesome.* I put in a whole lot of fun stuff that gives me joy - but also a little tension and pain, because life's like that, too. Bonus points for being the one to identify, in the comments, the most people and/or animals depicted, here (no fair playing if you're my student and have already asked what everything is). Enjoy:

"boom dee yada" graphite on paper. 22" x 28"

 *(In contrast to the more regrettable theologians among us, who argue that the world is a putrescent place that God sorta hates, so we shouldn't feel bad about trashing it)


  1. Every face I look at in this drawing, I see the artist.

  2. Nice. I accept if, by that, you mean I resemble (on the level of my deepest soul) Tom Waits, Samuel Clemens, Michelangelo's God, my dad, and Danny Kaye.

    I also accept, if you're referring to The Artist.

  3. It's totally awesome, AND I like it.

  4. Thank you, Jon dieR. You're too kind.


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