bilateral training effect

In Phed. 190, I learned that if you only ever do bicep curls with one arm, the bicep in the other arm will also, somehow, develop. Not to the same degree, of course - but enough that you'd notice.

Creativity is a muscle; and the same principle applies. If you work it out in one area, you'll eventually see results in other areas of your life, as well. So when, for example, I decided to redirect a lot of my writerly energy into screenplays, it wasn't as though I was starting from scratch, because I already had a sense for the poetry of word-arrangement.

I've never really been a sculptor; but since I've got my students playing with clay for the last couple weeks of school, I decided I'd try my hand at it. I found that the observational skills developed through years of drawing took me a lot further than expected, and I managed to knock together a couple of pretty decent pencil holders.

I gotta admit that my main reason for posting these is probably to show off, because I really, really love my monkey.

But I also think it's a compelling argument for taking up a creative hobby of some kind - whomever you are - because if there's one thing we could use more of, it's a creative approach to solving the ever-growing problems of our world. Same-ol, same-ol's gonna be the end of us, people. So get out your pencils and draw. Take a dance class. Build a birdhouse - I don't care. Do something creative today and you'll reap the benefits at that soulless job of yours, tomorrow. It's basic biology.


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