The Horror!

Losing your job can be a disconcerting thing, and one of the grand temptations is to fail to see it as the opportunity it is - a chance to redirect into a better future - retreating instead into the comfort of familiarity. For me, the familiar includes the ten summers I spent in the world of production treeplanting, a world I could probably return to with fairly lucrative results.

Fortunately, I tried a little "Celebrity Plant" back in 2009, and had the good sense to record a video at the end of my first day. A few days ago I re-watched this little "note to self" and found myself immensely strengthened in my resolve to never, ever, ever plant another tree, ever again. Ever. So, for your viewing amusement and in case you happen to be in Canada and are yourself thinking of going out production treeplanting this summer, I present this:


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