get thee to the couchery!

I like having Austin the Actor as a friend. He can be a bit opinionated, but you need a friend like that when you're about to go off the deep end where women are concerned.

Like, say, yesterday, when I was on this dating-website-that-shall-remain-nameless, writing a note to yet another stunning woman-person in order to distract myself from writing what I should have been writing. I was typing away something like, "you're pretty and we should, like, get married forever," when what should appear in the sidebar but a slice of moving face from the below-imbedded Ashley Furniture commercial; or - to be more precise - Austin's face, randomly mouthing something vaguely judgmental about couches.

Suddenly, I was all flustered and unsure of what to write. So I wrote the wrong thing, the woman-person got freaked out, and everybody's life stayed a little less complicated.*  Thanks, Ashley Furniture. Thanks, Austin.

- - -

*Note: this story (or at least, the part about me not writing the absolute perfect thing all the time, always) might or might not have been a complete fabrication, just so I'd have an excuse to link to this commercial. 


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