crowd-sourcing my laziness

It's amazing that no matter how much work I have that I have to get finished, I still find seconds, minutes, and chunks of minutes to waste. I'm wondering if wasting time (or rather, spending it unproductively) is a basic human need, like air - or hugs.

Take, for example, the fifty seconds I just spent on those last two sentences. I could have spent that time working on finishing the rough draft of this week's Fiction Friday offering, but I didn't and I won't, because I've concluded that I'm not going to get it done and polished in time to post tonight, anyways.

My son decided to fall asleep on the couch, though, so I've decided to use this bit of parental respite to ask if there is anyone in the Charlotte, North Carolina area who'd like to give me a hand on my next short film project.

Basically, I need all local eyes and ears open for some location scouting. I am looking for a restaurant - a place that's classy and elegant, but not completely upper crust. The sort of place where you could have jazz playing lightly in the background, but an actual jazz trio in suits would seem a little awkward. It has to have a bar in it, preferably not right out in the middle. Decor should be simple, with clean, elegant lines and a warm color range, if possible.

Here's the tough part: it has to be rentable for cheap (or free) for a good chunk of time on three consecutive days, sometime after mid-April, but not too much after. The ideal place would probably be some restaurant that was just about to open, or just about to close, so we could do it without disrupting too much business.

Why would anyone let us do that do their business without charging us a kidney, an arm, and a leg? Well, because movies (even short ones) are awesome, and need your support. Plus, this project is seriously legit. It's gonna play in major festivals, and it's gonna make whatever restaurant we use look so good, they'll be booking celebrity chefs just to fold the napkins.

So, whaddaya say? Do you (or someone who owes you a favor because you had a guy whacked for them) know of, or own, such a place?

I mean, I suppose I could go out of my way and actually search the internet myself. But c'mon. I'm over here. Wasting time.


  1. ruths chris steak house in downtown charlotte, i think it fits the criteria you are looking for; the colors may be a tad darker than warm, but....

  2. perhaps Luce, north trion street in charlotte. here is a picture of the inside,r:13,s:0

  3. Thanks for the tips! Keep 'em coming. Oh, and if that's Anne Hathaway the actor who left that comment, let me know and I send you the script. The director's got his heart set on Morena Baccarin, but I think he might be convinced :)

    Oh, and don't read back through the blog... I might or might not have made repeated references to defeating you roundly in a stare-fight on the set of "Passengers" in Vancouver. True story :)


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