Crash the Superbowl!

For all the readers of this blog who are personal friends with, say, Steven Spielberg, you might want to mention to him that I've been working pretty dang hard to break into screenwriting. And for my latest filmic trick...

...I contributed, ever-so-slightly, to the writing for an entry into the Doritos "Crash the Superbowl" contest. Ergo, I invite you now to go and view THIS LINK RIGHT HERE and leave a glowing comment, so as to unduly influence the judges in our favor.

The winner either gets a kiss from the maid Marian; or 25 grand, superbowl playtime, and a shot at a million-dollar prize. Either way, it's ooh-dah-lally, and what are you waiting for!?!*

*bonus points for recognizing the obscure Disney reference just there.


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