After venting my frustration at my rough day yesterday, I thought it would be apropos to balance that out by unburdening a little more of my inner world upon you - but this time in the opposite direction. So here, in no apparent order, are a number of the things for which I am grateful:

I am grateful for...

1. My son, who brings me joy every single day.
2. My family, who love and stabilize me through it all, even when I'm interrupting their movie to make them listen to an extended whine about rich people, the economy, America, and killing a bunny rabbit with my car (thanks, dad).
3. My little brother, especially, who drove forty minutes each way yesterday, just to bring me the spare keys to the car (seriously, ladies... date this man, now!).
4. My pet dog, for not existing. Because why would I need a pet dog when the trees are full of all the squirrels I could ever hope to eat (don't worry, guys. I think two was enough)?
5. My job, because it's an amazing place to go and a wonderful community of which to be a part.
6. My students, who are smart enough to pretend I've still got something to teach them.
7. Medical Science, for the torture it might be putting me through with the root canal I might be getting tomorrow.
8. My ex-wife, for making it a priority to allow me to engage with my son, even on days when I don't technically "have" him.
9. The trees, because trees are amazing.
10. All the other beautiful, drop-dead gorgeous natural wonderments I've had the privilege to see, and feel, and breathe in.
11. The Divine First Artist, who designed this glorious mess and made it all possible.


  1. I'm grateful to be part of the Barkey family. I'm grateful that Joshua is MY brother and that I am his only sister...

  2. well said! you do have a lot to be thankful for...we all do, thanks for realizing it and taking the time to write about it...most of us do not stop and take the time to acknowledge what is good in our lives and to give thanks for what we have. thanks for the reminder!


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