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If you kinda-sorta like this blog but are A. a person who thinks I'm a bleeding heretic and wonder how I dare claim any kind of affinity with Christianity, or B. a person who thinks I seem in my writing to be far too intelligent to be a Christian; then I think it would be a good idea for you to go to This Blog and go read This Post and listen to the podcast, in which Ben Myers - the author of the blog - explains why he believes in God. It will take about twenty minutes of your time, but it ought to clear up any confusion.

Although the blog, Faith and Theology, is perhaps one of my favorites more for its humor, irreverence, and creativity than for its theological insight, in this case the author presents what to my mind is about the only argument for Faith in God and, specifically, Jesus, that I think is really worth making. If you are person A or person B, I'm going to go so far as to beseech you to listen. It'll be worth it, I pinky-swear.


  1. You are welcome. I even gave you my "Four-Marsupial Rating" (on account of being Australian) when I posted the link to Facebook. You are allowed to let this go to your head, but only if it then passes off your scalp as dandruff.


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