If you are: A.extremely observant, or B. psychotically obsessed with this blog, then you might have noticed a new addition to the sidebar, under "Josh's Other Writing."

On a whim, I recently followed a link sent by technorati inviting me to submit sample pieces in order to become a writer for their sister site, called "BlogCritics." I did this because I am a wiener, and therefore easily susceptible to pressure tactics from random strangers who promise I can increase traffic to my blog by swallowing their magic pills.

I'm fairly Ludditish when it comes to the internet, so the first piece I wrote for them was about how I hate technology and think we should bomb ourselves back to the stone age (sort of), but the second bit I wrote was a review of the song, "Start Somewhere," by Toby Mac. I called it "Why Toby Mac Should Start Somewhere Else," and although the editor ditched my incredibly witty title, I have been stoked to note that in the past couple of days, a grand total of three people have redirected from blogcritics to my home blog.

Even though those three people might have been myself, I have decided to continue to use blogcritics to write reviews because A. I don't usually write reviews on here and B. I figure that the degree of separation from this blog will allow me to be a bit more snarkey than I might otherwise. Such is the illogic of the internet.


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