The Homeschool Interviews: Episode Two

In this snippet I talk with another Senior, Josh, a student who's been in my class the last couple of years and is set to launch in just a few more weeks. He and his buddy Joey (pulling a cameo to talk about how weird homeschoolers are) light up the screen. Although Josh had a very different educational experience than our first inductee, Brent, like Brent he is a bright, engaged young chap.


  1. Oh, that our country could be run by the homeschool weirdos. We might make an impression on the rest of the world. Hmmmm.

  2. What school do you teach at?

  3. re: The School of Awesome :)

    Like! :*)

    I love the line "...yeah it was hard transitioning...but I got 'street smart' pretty fast."

    "...but yeah, I didn't really learn anything new all year, academically."

    Boy that definitely sums up the 'trans' experience ( for homeschoolers ) :*).

    Thanks for posting this Josh, for us 'homies' present and past.


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