embarrassing confession # 579

I admit it: a few years after I blew a chance to have a conversation with Allison Mack on the set of Smallville, I cyberstalked her an eensy-weensy bit, on account of feeling guilty over having judged her to be a shallow piece of Hollydriftwood.

Short story shorter: I found her blog and discovered that she actually seems to be a somewhat normal person - possibly even a little nifty and artsy and thoughtful, like me! And then, a few months ago, she started having guest posts by a very young woman she apparently knows, who just out of high school is working in development in Africa. This young woman is ridiculously good at writing for her age, and today posted something about African versus American conceptions of time that I thought was truly lovely.

So, go ahead. Click the link. Read. That is, if you've got the time.


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