how to avoid becoming popular on the internet:

1. Be kind to people you think are insane.
2. Write lots of enormously-long blog posts.
4. Make mistaks and foret to correct them.
5. Ignore hot-button issues.
6. Avoid focusing on or becoming expert in any one area - be eclectic.
7. Write poetry.


  1. You are so full of yourself. Sad because you have a lot of potential to be a cool person. If only you'd stop looking at yourself so much.

    a former student

  2. I totally wish you'd signed your name. Because I'd be down in the office right now, changing your permanent record. Mwah ha hah ahhah ah hah!

    Actually, I hope I wrote you a glowing letter of recommendation and got you into the college of your dreams. You deserve it, for such wisdom and clarity of vision. I am, indeed, completely full of myself. Every last cell of me. Yep.


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