don't say "retarded" unless you have to

Tonight I was talking to someone about how bad things sometimes happen to the nicest people and my mind flashed to my friend Jay, who - while obeying all applicable traffic laws - got hit by a guy who was under the impression that "red means go."

This did not end well for Jay's brain, which got sloshed around a bit. It also didn't end well for the rest of Jay, which died for a while and then spent a really long time not sure whether it was dead or alive. Eventually (and this is the awesome part), most of Jay decided in favor of being alive. Even though parts of his brain did not come along for the ride, he is still a rather amazing man and a wonderful writer.

Due, in part, to the peer pressure exerted by yours truly in initiating my any-day-to-be-wildly-popular Fiction Fridays extravaganza, Jay has begun to write a blog of his own (you're welcome). He's a humble guy, so I have decided to toot my own hep-to-the-times horn by bringing to your attention this brand-spankin' new bit of internet awesome: "The Brain Damage Diaries: I make retarded look good."

I have no idea what Jay will write, or how often. His brain sometimes limits his ability to organize his thoughts into words, sentences, and paragraphs. Nonetheless, I know from my own writerly experience that it will help him to know that he's being read. So go, enjoy, and leave a comment.


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