nun of that

Yesterday, I posted a link to a sketch I'd done of a nun decked out as a sort of batwoman character - which I said was intended to illustrate my amusement at the Pope's recent sanctioning of a confession app for the ipod. This came mostly from my general bemusement at the way the machines are taking over our brains, but I have decided in retrospect that the tone I took was snarkier than I want to be towards something as multi-humaned and multi-faceted as the Catholic Church. I have decided instead, then, to post a link to this interview with Bono, which I poached just now from the Experimental Theology blog I sometimes frequent. I highly recommend that you go read it. Bono's a rock star, sure, but he says some bang-on things about Christianity, expressing concepts  that play an important part in why - despite the often glaring stupidity and mean-spiritedness of his ostensible followers - I still stick with Jesus.


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