get angry about love

My friend Austin the actor/director has the words "love wins" tattooed on his finger. It's a favorite quote of his from writer/preacherdude Rob Bell. And now, apparently, Rob Bell wrote a book titled after Austin's finger, and a lot of people who've never read it (because it's not even available yet) are pissed about it because of this video:

So rise up! Join the movement! Get angry about love!

Addendum: for a more in-depth look than I will ever give you on this topic, go read the post "Team Hell gets loud" by Mr. Fred Slacktivist, or perhaps the more scholarly examination of the claims of universalism by Dr. Richard Peck.


  1. I hope he's not insinuating that God's love and Christ's coming was for everyone-everyone? Where will I get my sense of superiority?

  2. Just buy more stuff than other people... you'll be fine.

  3. Oh, and just for the record, I probably will not even be reading this book, so don't bother to bug me about it.

    I generally don't read theology books that do not have the words "a novel" after the title. I just think it's funny (pause to vomit) when people get angry about a book they've never read because they think that anyone who'd insinuate that God would save everyone has to be an idiot, if not absolutely evil.

  4. I read on an earlier post that you do not like mainstream Christian music. From your comment above, it seems obvious that you do not like books about the theology Christians believe in. Why do you not like to listen/read these things? Do you not find it to be interesting to understand what a good bit of the Christian population is believing at the moment? Does it not help you recognize the thoughts and actions that people around you make?

  5. I don't generally read books on theology... any books on theology, because I feel that I learn more about Theo from stories.

    Christians aren't the only ones who write books on theology, believe it or not. There are Jews, Muslims, Agnostics, Hindus, Buddhists, and cetera and cetera. I don't generally read their theology books, either.

    Theology feels to me like making math out of mystery, which I don't like.

    I will admit, however, that "generally" is not the same as never. I read a LOT, and in addition to reading some theology books by people who aren't Christian, I have actually already read a book by Rob Bell, two by Donald Miller, three by Philip Yancey, and one by (I regret to inform myself) John Eldredge - to name a few.

    I found them interesting and provoking and useful, perhaps, for the purposes you describe. But the truth is, I am becoming less and less interested in what "a good bit of the Christian population is believing at the moment."

    Spend too much time worrying about what the masses are interested in, and you forget to actually live, to love, and to interact with people who aren't completely submerged in the exasperating waters of American consumerist pop-Christianity.

    Besides, if you really want to dig deep into something, you don't read the bestsellers. I wouldn't go to Dr. Phil, for example, to learn about psychology.

    It feels to me like a lot of what people are doing as they run from pop-guru to pop-guru is looking for a new Messiah. As for me... I've already got one, thanks.


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