the mac-sis of evil

I just now read an article that said macs are way less likely to get viruses. I'd heard this before, but since I am considering buying a mac mini so I can do some video editing, I got to wondering why this might be. I came up with four potential reasons:

ONE: macs have magical, virus-repelling powers.

TWO: people who buy PCs are sort of stupid, and have mouse-click-tourrettes sydrome.

THREE: hackers, being math nerds and therefore familiar with the concept of statistical advantage, have determined that to inflict the most damage on the most computers they should design their virusii to attack the operating system with the largest market share - Windows for PC.

FOUR: the majority of virus-making hacker-monkeys are employed by Steve Jobs, who is evil.

Now, I don't know that much about computers, but I am absolutely positive that my entire life is controlled by some sinister hegemony (bye-bye, responsibility) - so I'm guessing that the fourth option is the correct one. Curse you, Steve Jobs, for manipulating the system and forcing me to choose between lackluster performance and becoming your mind-slave.*


*Note: I have yet to meet the owner of any apple product who did not in some way display evidence of being Steve Jobs' mind slave. The man's a monster, I tell you... a moooooooooooaaaaaaaaanster!


  1. I'm under his spell. ipod nano (won at a Christmas party), iphone (gift from a student), ipod (bought myself), and macbook pro (bought myself).

    I'm screwed, eh?


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