forking at last

Aerli Austen & J.R. Adduci, making thespian magic.
Last night we shot my short film... or rather, a bunch of professionals under the general umbrella of Snow Stories Films shot a short film I wrote a while ago, called "Fork." Me, I just sat there and watched, grinning.

It was a grand production - with over twenty people on set and piles and piles of equipment - but the real thrill for me was seeing the (exceptionally talented) actors bring my words to life. It made me boingy inside, so I'll say it again - they brought my words to LIFE.

As always, I loved being on set. There is an energy that happens when you get that many creative people in one place - a thrilling in the air that I haven't experienced anywhere else. It's not only that, though. There is also a sense of culmination, of climax. So much solitary work has gone into making the filming moment possible and so much solitary work is left for post-production; but for those few moments, art-making is a communal event that feels like something bigger than all its individual parts.

I can't wait to (someday) show you the finished product; but for now I will leave you with some behind-the-scenes stills.

Brett Gentile: the man has indisputable panache.

Filmmaking is a logistical nightmare or a nifty puzzle, depending on how behind schedule you are.

Raul Martinez, Aural Engineer Extraordinaire

First team rehearsal. 

Cameron Bunce basks in the aura of the RED

Ben Jack, Director of Photography, flirts coyly with the RED.

Brett the Brute chills under the table.

Director Austin Herring confers with the talent.


  1. Looks like it was a lot of fun, but I'm happy with the sleep I got last night.. Can't wait to see the thing all put together!

  2. Congrats, looking forward to seeing it!

  3. ... i'd go to cannes to watch it! :)

  4. I'm with Hannah! Mom

  5. seriously mum, you're coming to cannes???


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