Yesterday, Austin the actor/director thought it necessary to post on my facebook wall that my writing has begun to "meander" and that I need to "tighten up." My first reaction, of course, was to tell him that his abdominals and glutes were starting to "meander" and that he ought to "tighten up." Then I remembered that yesterday morning I wrote a Buddha-Jesus dialog and ended up with six pages of unadulterated drivel, so I figured maybe Austin was right.

The antidote to meandering, in my experience, is a list. Lists don't meander, so for your reading pleasure I present my blacklist.

Barkingreed's Blackest of Blacklists:
1. Austin Herring
2. Unfocused, meandering writing
3. Antiperspirant
4. Styrofoam
5. Yellow # 5
6. Genetically modified salmon
7. Plastic
8. Excuses
9. Fashion
10. The wedding industry
11. War
12. Hegemonies
13. Extremely popular vampire romance books
14. Extremely popular "christian" end of the world books
15. Box stores
16. McMansions
17. Politics
18. Being trampled alive by goats
19. My own arrogance
20. Blacklists


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