lights... camera... Austin!

Whenever I refer to my friend Austin on here, I always call him "Austin the Actor," with a link to his imdb page - a page that basically just tells you that he looks a little homicidal in pale blue and that he played "Mr. Edwards" last year in the fairly regrettable Ben Stiller / Jason Schwartzman vehicle, "The Marc Pease Experience."

I feel an eensy-weensey bit bad about that. Austin is actually a talented chap, so I think I'll bolster his hyper-inflated ego a little further by throwing this link on here, which will direct you to a commercial he and his buddy Chris did for Ashley Furniture. It's part of a series of Ashley Furniture commercials featuring these two clowns that you can find on Youtube. Most of it is just ad-libbed nonsense, which Austin and Chris do quite well. 

I tell you this because I have been working with Austin on a couple of short films, which we (that is, he) will start shooting at the beginning of next month. Extras will be needed (my son will probably be making his on-screen debut - woot! woot!), so if you live in the area and have some time free, give me a shout! And if you don't have the time to come to the shooting, consider this a heads-up for a possible rough-cut, talk-back screening sometime in late August/ September. 

Hugs not drugs!


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