more slacking

Many are the times I have advocated the reading of the SLACKTIVIST on here, and while he doesn't really need my recommendation (he recently stated that his blog had passed six million totally unique visitors - pause for fit of jealous rage), I thought I would once again give him the big hoo-rah! by recommending strongly that you go read THIS POST.

Now, one of the annoying things that this slacktivist fellow does (his name is Fred) is make me uncomfortable. I don't always like or agree with where his crazy, hippie, pinko-commie ideas take him, and I don't like what I sometimes feel is his constantly annoyed tone.

Stillandbuthowever, THIS POST to which I have just referred and which you are about to go read has a really interesting perspective on how a thoughtful person might read the Bible, and a really, really, really interesting perspective on very specific ways in which a thoughtful person might go about investing his or her money.


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