I just looked at a book on Amazon called, "Fifty Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do," which was written by a guy who runs "tinkering schools" where kids get to play with power tools and make stuff - real stuff that works. I had watched a video clip of the guy and it intrigued me, so I looked up his book. Here's the funny thing, though: as I perused the table of contents to see what sort of dangerous things I ought to be letting my son do, I found to my surprise that I had done almost every single one of those things in my childhood - and more. I mean, lick a battery? Throw a spear? Stand on the roof? Please... BOooooRING! How about eat a monkey, construct a crossbow, and run pell-mell down the branches of a tree to jump, screaming, into snake-and-spider-infested patches of floating water plants?

I always thought my mom was a bit of a panic-storm, but I'm learning that most mothers don't let their four-year-olds have their own machetes, their five-year-olds wander around in the jungle without adult supervision, or their six-year-olds operate a band-saw.

Thanks, Mom. Happy Mother's Day.


  1. our mum is cool... i remember jason going screen fishing when he was only 5... catching snakes that would kill him with a drop of venom. And she'd make you and joben take me into the amazon with your machetes on adventures. barefoot. letting boys o dangerous things is one thing, but forcing them to take their sister along? friggin awesome.

    Happy Mother's Day MUM!!

  2. hmmmm....thanks Josh...not sure if everyone would consider me a good/cool mom for letting you do those things... BUT whose opinion is most important???? (You did SURVIVE a panic-storm, would there be a reason for a panic-storm-I wonder...) Love you and all the other Barkey kids and the grands.

  3. I love that you found the book on Amazon :-)


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