If you've never heard of it, please go check out

Not only is it a crazy-cool publication, but they also just published this article by a guy with my exact same name! And whilst you're there, make yourself a GOOD account and tell this marvelously-named fellow what you think of him.


  1. Hi,

    My name is Sarah Sandback. I am an artist and mother living in New Hampshire. I have started a small publishing company by the name of KID ZENITH. We are a wee babe of a company, but you can check us out on FaceBook and Twitter (which I still don't get the point of). I read your piece that you wrote for GOOD. It was inspiring and so beautifully written. Much of what you wrote about is what KID ZENITH is all about. I posted it to the KID ZENITH wall and gave you a salute. I hope this is ok.

    Nice Job, I hope there is more to come.



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