the rules

There's no manual, and that stinks. So I decided to sit down and think of the ways I have failed in dealing with humans, and then write them up as rules for you to obey.

How to Deal with Humans:

1. Don't be afraid of them. They need your love. 

2. Love them.

3. Don't try to change them. 

4. Be trustworthy and honest. Then, if they want to change, they'll let you help them.

5. Don't try to teach them. Inspire them to learn, and then help them in any way you can.

6. Make them feel special every time you see them.  

7. Don't be afraid of physical contact.

8. Smile often, and look them in the eye. 

9. Ask them questions, and actually listen to the answers. 

10. Get curious! People are the most interesting folks in the world.

11. Never, ever, ever, ever try to possess them, and be very grateful if they give themselves to you.

12. Love them.


  1. i definitely agree with everything on your list, mr. barkey, although i am very afraid of #7 and i don't know why. its not that i hate it, but still.....never been my strong suit (suite?)

  2. I can not abide by any of these guidelines unless they are first applied to myself.

    I need the preceding list "how to deal with myself".

  3. fortunately for you, Chrystal, you ARE human... so your wish is granted.


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