Political Rule #136

All day at work I hear angry regurgitated rhetoric (mostly from one side of the political spectrum), so I thought I'd throw in this link to an article a friend of mine posted on facebook that tries to rebuff some of it.

I generally think all politicians are either weasels or delinquent children, so I work really hard to stay apolitical and not get embroiled in their vituperous vituperousness.

Nonetheless, I have my limits. So here is my latest rule, invented on the spot the last time someone asked me what I thought of the health care bill... Political Rule # 136: On any political question, listen with your guts to who is being the meanest, the most spiteful, and the most childish. Then get as far away from those people as you possibly can!


  1. Thanks for sharing the article from the NY Times. I normally read it but I missed this piece. I've often hypothesized about the foundations of the rage and generally I come to the conclusion that it's about simple prejudices.


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