an apology

I'm used to annoying people with my blog. I am not, however, used to feeling like I was wrong to do so.

Two posts previously, I wrote about how to get a job. I didn't stop there, though, I went on to editorialize on the state of the economy. Because of the gentle, annoyed correction of friends who care enough to do that sort of thing, I have come to realize that my statements were overblown and, yes, mean-spirited. It's never nice to kick people, and although sometimes truth demands that we be not-nice, the time for that is not when those people are already rolling on the ground in pain.

Work is an in-built human need, and not being able to fill that need is a painful, painful thing. It is hard to find good work right now, and it is arrogant of me as an employed person to act smug. Furthermore, referring to my smugness in the post doesn't make it any less obnoxious.

So I am going to do something that bloggers are not allowed to do. I am going to say that I am sorry.

OK, here goes:

I am sorry.


  1. Thank you for listening and responding. Keep on writing Sir Josh - you have much to offer.


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