It's getting to be a habit - me coming on here and being lazy and just saying - "hey, look at what this other dude (or dudette) wrote!" and then throwing a link on and letting that be that.

I can't help it, though. I'm a decent writer and I am the only person who has my stories with my perspective on them, but there are also other writers who are much, much better. One of my favorites is a guy named Fred, A.K.A "Slacktivist". I don't agree with everything he says, but he always makes me think - so I was a bit nervous when he recently took on a topic I sometimes try very hard not to think about: the difficulty of reconciling the "God of Love" with the God who says "kill all your enemies, and their babies, too".

The best thing about Slacktivist, though, is that everybody reads him - people from all sides of the Multiverse Fence, so the comments section is frickin' awesome. So, yeah: go read this post. Then read the insanely voluminous commentary it prompted (Seriously - how does he do it? I get two comments if I'm lucky. Oh, my aching ego). Then read this post, where he elaborates and moderates his original post. Then read all the other commentary.

It will not answer your questions. It will certainly challenge your perspectives, however, and perhaps even convince you that all those pinko-commie-bleeding-heart-psychos you hate might actually be thoughtful, considerate people who can even teach you a thing or two about love.


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