I scored my maximum utmost bestest thrift store deal ever this past week, and when I told this to pretty much everyone I talked to I discovered two things: One, that some people are not aware of what a glorious (and eco-friendly) adventure thrifting is, and Two, that almost no one knows the absolute most important thing about thrifting - where to thrift, and how.

So, with that gloating picture of perfectly-fitted two hundred dollar Alpinestar riding boots that I just bought for two dollars and fifty cents (!!!!) hovering over you, I will tell you my secret: find the right type of thrift store and drop in regularly.

The right type of thrift store is completely non-profit. It is staffed entirely by volunteers, is generally fairly small, and only takes cash. It exists to fund a specific charity - say a small clinic or a homeless shelter. This type of thrift store wants to move goods fast because it has no expansive warehouse. It does not, therefore, make any attempt to set prices based on value. For some reason, these places usually seem to have better stuff.

Good luck, and stay the heck away from Matthews, North Carolina :)


  1. interesting! my roommate and i went thrifting just the other day - nice advice, though.


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