the art of God

Yesterday I was browsing the most recent issue of the "Christianity Today" magazine in our school library and I found myself thinking, "wow, I'm not as annoyed as I usually am by this stuff".

I guess it is possible that I have somehow changed drastically in the last while, but I decided it was more probable that the magazine had somehow changed, so I looked at the editorial to see if it was announcing a new editor. It wasn't, but the dude did spend the whole page describing how CT wanted to be a place where instead of talking at eachother, people discussed with eachother. He said that for that reason they were attempting to publish articles from a wide variety of disparate positions. The results are palpable, so I give their attempt my official stamp of "rightonya".

I might be biased. One article by a Harvard law professor dying of cancer ended with this:

"Philosophers and scientists and law professors (my line of work) are not in the best position to understand the Christian story. Musicians and painters and writers of fiction are much better situated - because the Christian story is a story, not a theory or an argument, and definitely not a moral or legal code. Our faith is, to use C.S. Lewis's apt words, the myth that became fact. Our faith is a painting so captivating that you cannot take your eyes off it. Our faith is a love song so achingly beautiful that you weep each time you hear it. At the center of that true myth, that painting, that song stands a God who does vastly more than remember his image in us. He pursues us as lovers pursue one another. It sounds to good to be true, and yet it is true. So I have found, in the midst of pain and heartache and cancer."


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