Theological Thursday # 2: The Big Joke.

Dear God [An Open Letter]

Um. Aahhh... this is kind of embarrassing for me.

Last week I cooked up the idea of "Theological Thursdays". Sick and tired of what I saw as the idiot way religious nut-jobs extrapolate ad nauseum from a position of ignorance to bombastic theological arrogance by explaining the ways of God to man, I decided to make the world a better place by... um... explaining the ways of God to man.

I know you've got a pretty good sense of humor, God (the Best!), but you've got to be getting a bit tired of the same old joke. I'm not really sure of what you want from me all the time, but I'm pretty sure it isn't to explain you to everybody, or explain to everybody how screwed up they are by all the lame stuff they do - like buying garbage they don't need and that the world can't afford.

You've allotted me this hyperactive brain, I know, so it can't bug you too too much that I think about these things, or even that I want to talk about them so that I can process them in the context of my community.

I think it would dishearten me though, God, if I was you and someone like me kept trying to get all up in my biznatch, doing stuff like attempting to orchestrate the salvation of the world and the return of all the other wormlings to a right understanding of their true selves.

Pretty ridiculous, really, when you think about it.

Funny even, actually; so with my apologies I breathe a word of thanks for shedding a little light on the humor of the situation, and letting me in on the belly laugh of the universe.

Your silly, Confused, Endlessly Self-Defeating Kid,



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