I almost died last Wednesday. Really.

I had gone down to Redneckville, South Carolina to pick up a tube of caulk, and I was zipping back on my motorcycle thinking about what I was going to do with it when suddenly I realized, "wow, that's a stop sign I'm about to pass". I was coming up on an old highway where the speed limit is 55mph from a blind side road blocked by bushes and scattered with a dusting of gravel from an adjacent driveway.

I had about half a second to realize that if I hit my brakes hard I was going down, to peripherally see that there were no cars right up on me in either direction, and then just like that I was through the intersection. I flipped a quick u-ey and then rode the remaining three miles home, shaking all the way.

My immediate reaction was to find my whole family and tell them I loved them, but my mom was the only one around so I told her I loved her and gave her a hug and then just started crying. Normally, I would have hid that emotion down somewhere so it could some out in some completely unjustifiable way later, but in my newfound AA desire to be searchingly honest, I just let 'er fly, and it felt great.

Let's hear it for not dying. And for crying. Woot, woot!


  1. joshy-poo...

    glad you didn't die. the world would be a much poorer place. and besides, it would just be annoying to try and find another "erudite, long distance, see-once-every-ten-years-type of friend..."

    again, thanks for looking out for me by not dying and all.

    benjamina elvira.

  2. joshua.
    i'm very glad you didn't die.
    i usually feel a heart attack coming on whenever i accidentaly run a red. it's scary. thump thump. that's what my heart does. quickly.

    love you.


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