Here's some randomness for Robbie (heh, heh), who says that's why he likes this blog: I was looking in the mirror about a month ago and decided I looked like Lance Armstrong (sans highly-developed musculature).

I know, I know. Doppelganger, right? Does this mean I'm going to get cancer, or just rich?


  1. Only one way to know for sure. Pull out that dusty bicycle and see if you aren't a heck of a lot better on it than you remember.

    Thanks Josh. by the way, do you ever get commissioned to paint? Since you've usually got something to say in your paintings, would it kill the inspiration?

  2. I appreciate your vote of confidence, Rob, but the last bike I had was a huffy, and I think what happened was I landed off a jump the front tire came off.

    As I lay there with the bicycle on top of me, watching the tire roll off into the bamboo, I thought, "this is never going to be my ticket". So instead, I think I'll just sit around and wait to find a breifcase full of money or a lump in my man-chests.

    As for commissions, it kind of depends. I'll do vague ones, like "I really like elephants - do me something with elephants". But ones where someone asks me to make their vision a reality NEVER work out, for the simple reason that I am only me, no one else.


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