The sun is not yet visible at 6:56 in the morning from where I sit in Waxhaw, North Carolina. The thing itself is invisible, and yet it is active nonetheless, beginning to infuse my entire world with its incalculable essence. Without it, there would be no light. Without light, there would be no words because there would be nothing to describe, no world to share.

This is the first post of a blog intended to explore the rising glow of an unseen sun, a light that gives words and illuminates being. This light wraps us all with glory, but introduces as well a sense of the Other and our attendant Isolation from it, our one-ness that exemplifies our split with infinity.

My writing, at its best, is an attempt to see the connections and increase the glow - not by enumerating the effects of the sun, but by enjoying them. With my words I try to revel in the goodness that I see; and to increase that goodness by pointing at both the necessity and superfluity of shadows. That makes little sense, I know, but these are the words of a poet, not a politician of theology.

I am not here to explain the ways of God to man, but rather to explore and enjoy them to myself, and to invite you to join me in the wandering, wondering experiment. Let there be light! And let us party in it with wild abandon.


  1. Very nice, and I will be looking forward to your writings.


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