President Drumpf...

This morning on the Facebooks, I made the following prediction about the results of our upcoming Presidential election:

"I'm callin' it: Trump's the next President of the United States.

I think Hillary'll go against him and then her scandals will catch up to her at the last moment, and Trump'll essentially be the only candidate. He'll win, and it'll plunge us into a totalitarian nightmare that'll be fantastically-motivating for artists and writers, right up until the moment when we all start 'disappearing.'

All empires crumble. Especially ones where selfishness and violence are extolled.

Our turn to fade."

This prompted a bunch of (generally hilarious) discussion, with one woman insisting I predict what would happen if I was wrong, and either Clinton or Sanders became the next President. Now, there is of course zero percent chance that I am wrong. But just for the intellectual-exercise of it, I added the following addendum:

"Fine, fine. If forced at gunpoint, I'd say this:

If Hillary gets the nomination and wins, it'll be another four years of the usual: a puppeteering oligarchy bending the will of the people in the direction of their military-industrial complex, while the Republican'ts play their obstructionist game -- gridlocking Congress, blaming it on other people, and fearmongering us all into the next sociopathic Republican candidate in 2020.

None of which matters much, because both of the parties already serve the will of Sauron.

If Bernie wins, he'll make efforts to revise a corrupt system, but the system will batter him again and again, through the aforementioned obstructionist methods and more.There will be lies and more lies, fabricated scandal, and more lies. In the end, he'll be crushed.

None of which will matter much to the nation, because the President of the United States is little more than a figurehead-meat-puppet, dancing in the hands of the oligarchy.

Why, if that's the case, do I think that Trump (when he wins) will be a psychopathic dictator who will usher in a new totalitarian hegemony...?

Because Trump, unlike Hillary and Cruz and all those other, non-Bernie folks,* doesn't even bother to pay lip service to the moral pretensions of the broken system. He loudly declares his revulsion for free speech, for nuance, and for empathy. His words are racist, misogynist, cruel, and selfish -- all completely without apology. I think he'll weasel his way into doing some truly psychopathic things, and then one day he'll try to push the Button on the Bomb, and the military will say 'screw that' (because a lot of them are human enough to hate the thing they're paid to do -- wage war), and then we'll have a military coup.

The problems with coups are obvious, and soon we'll have yet another dictator... this time with more guns at his (and it would definitely be a 'HE') beck and call.

None of this will matter, because we're about twenty-five years out from The Singularity, in which a true AI Being will coldly, logically conclude that the human race is a disease-scourge on the face of the planet, and will kill us all.

At which point Jesus will come back and make everything better.

There... you happy?"

- - -

*Bernie, in my not-humble-opinion, is an outlier in that he both says what he thinks, AND operates with integrity. And I don't think you can rationally and with integrity oppose him with anything other than the statement 'I don't like his policies, and I don't think they'll work.' He's a good dude, who'd get crushed by the fact that the bad dudes are so far out in front.


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